About Us

Lotus Rain Records is a newly founded music company that is home to some of the biggest artists in the world. Also, We have a few up and coming talents artists that have really unique voices. It was founded by a strong-minded woman, Bethany Norman in 2016. Our headquarters is based in Cardiff, Wales but we are in the process of expanding to London, very exciting! At Lotus Rain we are highly committed to our artists and we try to accommodate to their needs as best as we can. We are one big family at Lotus Rain Records and we are finding more and more talent every day. You don’t even need to be a singer to join our big family, we welcome songwriters as well.



When an artist releases their new album and the fans get really excited, they just want to listen to the song on repeat. Even though, artists enjoy performing in front of large crowds, they don’t just do it for themselves. They do it for their fans. A concert is an excellent way for a fan to connect with their favourite artist more than listening to the album. The atmosphere at a concert is unbelievable and it is something that you cannot experience through a computer screen. At Lotus Rain Records, we have at least 2 concerts a week, whether it is solely for an artist or it’s for charity. If you ever have a chance to go to one, take it.

Music Videos

All the artists at Lotus Rain Records are very talented and we like to show them of in a fun and creative way. It helps the audience visualise the music and it’s some fun for the artists and helps express their music top another level. We produce hundreds of music videos a year and they are very successful.