American Authors Wedding Surprise!

Who wouldn’t like it if their favourite band turned up and performed at their wedding?! I know I would. Well, it just happened to a lucky couple and they are over the moon. Since the bride was little she had always loved American Authors upbeat music and always imagined meeting them as she got older they were always in her heart but she had to carry on with her life. She then met her, now, husband and funnily enough their song happened to be by the American Authors. So her best friend decided to send the bands manager a letter and it got to the band alright. They loved the letter that much that they decided to cancel their performance at the BRIT awards and go to the wedding. Isn’t that so sweet. I wish One Direction would come to mine. Ha. In my dreams.

Well now you know, if you want your favourite band to come to your wedding, just hit their manager up!

Tours flying left, right and centre!

Well its that time of the year that every seems to want to start their tour and all of us fans get bankrupt. Not far…..but we can never resist a cheeky concert ticket to our favourite band.

Last Week, The 1975 kicked their new tour of in The Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. They are going to be on tour for 3 months before they take a break to make more music.

Tomorrow, Yes Tomorrrow! Ed Sheeran is kicking of his tour in The O2 Arena! yay, I can’t wait. The cheeky lad will be on tour for 14 months before taking a much-needed break. So if you want to see Ed in action before he disappears again then i would head over to the Events Page and get some tickets Now. GO. Seriously.